| Saturday 13 February, 2016

Welcome to Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc

Home ownership is a priority for most Nigerians. However, the accessibility has remained a dream for a significant proportion of the population due to limited sources of suitable financing and limited access to affordable housing. Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc is offering through its involvement in the housing and mortgage sectors to make this dream a reality.

Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc aims to offer to real estate promoters and housing cooperatives with well structured and competitively priced houses and mortgage products. In addition, we consistently seek to leverage information technology to provide our clients with first class customer service.

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Account Packages

A wide variety of account packages are available for professionals, students, entrepreneurs, employees in the private and public sector, households, individuals, small businesses, corporates and armed forces personnel ... see our options

Mortgage Options

We offer various products and services to corporate organisations and individuals to empower them to access housing. We also finance and facilitate the provision of mortgage and real estate related services to respond to their needs.... learn more

Investor Relations

Please click on the links below to view the results for the financial year specified learn more

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Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc signed an agreement with the leading e-banking switch network service provider, InterSwitch Ltd.

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